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As you’ve probably noticed, it’s been radio silence from the blog since the end of gravel season and honestly the reason is I’m lazy. “You’re not lazy, you ride your bike all the time.” That is different. I always say that once I start feeling like I have to do something it becomes work and I don’t like doing work. Sure, I’ll bike 100 miles in one day but that is because it is fun. …If you aren’t a cyclist and you’re reading this you probably think that last sentence was the wildest string of words you’ve ever read. According to most, us cyclists aren’t quite right in the head. We find fun in hours of sun soaked road and gravel dust, using two wheels and a lot of leg muscle to explore it all. Some people think smoking crack is fun, maybe it is but to me that sounds crazy. To each their own. Yeah biking is physically and mentally difficult but it is about freedom and adventure and it never feels like work even if it is technically hard work. I would rather bike 100 miles a day for four weeks in a row than work in an office over those same four weeks. What am I getting at here? I’m saying that nobody is making me ride a bike…and that is obviously the only reason I’m choosing not to go pro in cycling. I just don’t want it to feel like work, duh. 

Alright, to be real, thinking of real things to write about made this feel like work. I realized there are a ton of resources for real biking advice from pros and coaches out there. I don’t have to do work, I just have to write about biking from my perspective. Now that the wheels are in motion again and the fingers are moving over the keyboard I have so much to write about. Just having fun writing the random stuff that pops into my head doesn’t feel like work. I started this as one blog post but it quickly devolved into one post with about ten topics. It started covering everything I’ve almost felt like writing about all winter but didn’t. You’ve read through enough 10 paragraph race racaps that I decided not to cram them all into one post. Instead of doing that I’ll just break each wandering trainer thought into an off season thought dump series. So, check back tomorrow for the first installment of the series and I’ll have some spicy content for you. Yeah, we’re talking about gateway drugs. 

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