About Me

That’s me in 2018. About five years deep into riding bikes. I started out with a hybrid bike in 2013 and rode it for a couple hundred miles until I upgraded to a $400 road bike. It was clunky and weighed a lot but it was faster than the hybrid. I wanted more speed. I’ve always been kind of a junkie when it comes to biking. I’m always looking for the next thing to get my heart racing.

In 2015 I grew bored of simply riding local trails so I started riding RAGBRAI in Iowa. Of course, takes place during the hottest part of July each year. RAGBRAI was and still is the highlight of  summer for me. It opened up a whole new world of biking. After my second ride across Iowa I upgraded bikes and starting taking this stuff a little more seriously. I started riding with a jersey on instead of no shirt, taking on rides longer than 25 miles at a time, and growing my yearly mileage totals into the quadruple digits.

Eventually I still wanted more to challenge myself. Last summer I entered my first actual race. It was a beginner criterium event. I loved it. I bought a cyclocross bike later in the summer to allow myself to branch out and experience other racing styles. I did a handful of cyclocross races last fall and might be most excited for that season to return again this year. As soon as spring 2019  hit I got a different set of tires and took to gravel roads. That brings us to present day.

With less than a year of competitive cycling under my bibs I’ve covered road, dirt, mud, grass, and gravel but that doesn’t flow as well as simply “road and gravel”. So here we are. I’m not new to riding a bike but I’m completely new to the racing side of the sport. I started this blog to share my stories as I try to move up in cycling and also do my part to grow the sport in the Midwest. It will all be slow going but I’ve got plenty of time.

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