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You can find a lot of blogs online from cyclists who are well experienced in different disciplines of the sport. You don’t see as many from people who really have no idea what they’re doing. That’s where I come in. One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog is to document my growth in cycling and share the lessons and techniques I learn, as I learn them. Instead of starting from the perspective of a Cat 1 racer, I wanted to share the perspective of a Cat 5 guy who hasn’t even been racing for a full year yet.

You might be thinking, “Who wants to read stuff from some mediocre cyclist?” I guess I’ll find out who does and well, you’re here reading too aren’t you? One thing is certain, I am definitely not a “blogger”. Honestly I’m still not sure if this site is even set up right so bear with me. To be fair I ‘m not even sure if I deserve the title “cyclist”, especially compared to the some of the legit cyclists I’m acquainted with, but I do get honked at and flipped off a lot by drivers so I suppose that makes me slightly qualified for the title.

I plan to use this site to share race reports, talk about the adventures I have on rides, talk about the lessons and techniques I learn through racing, and maybe give some bike reviews that are tailored more to average riders who don’t know every individual part of a bicycle (because I don’t know every part either). I hope you all get some enjoyment and laughs out of reading the blogs to follow. I expect them to get better as I go. Because, like biking, you won’t be a winner every time out, but you get a little better each time you do it. Let’s go.

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